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  • The Right Plan. Developing a life financial plan is a serious process. What if you live longer than anticipated, accrue too many medical expenses or die too early? Not having a plan can lead to great difficulties in the future. Begin your plan NOW!
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  • Secure Your Wealth. The national debt is growing. (See and focus on GDP with the debt numbers moving on the top right of that screen). Who will help to pay off this debt, which has climbed trillions, to about $26T this year so far? An interesting statistic is that there are some $31T in defined contribution 401(k)s, etc., retirement plans and IRAs: the largest asset owned by the public who pay the taxes! Would you and your family like to be the beneficiary of your hard-earned wealth? Wealth will rapidly disappear without a PLAN.
  • Take steps now to start developing your plan. Contact us to help you with this important action.

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It’s a process like any other.  If you don’t know the rules, you can easily lose.

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  • It was a pleasure working through the college planning process with Mr. Roger Relfe. He was able to effectively address all our questions and financial planning concerns while creating and delivering a comprehensive SET4LIFE plan. We appreciated Roger’s no-nonsense, honest and forthright approach.

    Scott and Katie E, O’Fallon, IL

  • “Rogers’s advice was indispensable in helping us navigate, plan and pay for our two sons’ college education. We saved money and lessened the anxiety surrounding this process. We highly recommend his advice.”

    Scott and Anna, clients since 2011

  • “Thank you so much for sending me the graduation/birthday card, and for helping me along my college journey!”

    Madyson graduated in the top 10% of her class.

    Madyson, client since 2016

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