The link between college planning and retirement
August 7, 2019
The link between college planning and retirement
August 7, 2019

What we do Helping Families Navigate the College planning Process


My son/daughter and I have a plan for their college.  Monitoring that plan has been a challenge because the facts keep changing.  My student, at times, has different thoughts than I do about her/his future education.  We have not taken the time to discuss our varied ideas and concerns.

We at University Financial Solutions, LLC are here to help you

You may have already realized that planning for your student’s college is a long process.


University Financial Solutions understand the ever changing rules and are constantly updating the process necessary to succeed at the entrance to the best college for you.  Patience and persistence are a prerequisite.

The Benefits of inviting us to work with your family are:

  1. We Best Position Your Student using our skills and those of CPN(The College Planning Network) renowned for their successes across all  education establishments in the USA.
  2. We guide you to Pay The Least in the “game” of college entrance.
  3. We make the Most Efficient Use of your resources,
  4. Do all of the above without jeopardizing your own future retirement security.

There are 2 ways we introduce you to the above in detail at no cost to you except your time:

  1. Join us at a Free College Planning Workshop at a location near you.  Opportunities are offered twice a month, and we offer a Free Personal  Evaluation/Consultation at your home to establish how we might best serve you.
    a. If you are unable to attend a scheduled workshop, we offer to interview your student, review YOUR PLAN and financial statements,
    and give you a professional assessment.
  2. If you choose to proceed to create a successful, workable plan for your family, and agree the College Planning Network will save you significant money while providing secure retirement opportunities, we will schedule a meeting to work together to reach your goal.

Planning for your student’s college education could have begun at their birth, but, if it didn’t, High School is not too late.  A good time to seriously start your Plan is before your student’s Junior Year, although the beginning of High School is not too soon.  The earlier you start the planning process, the better for all concerned.  We can adapt to changes, which frequently occur.

Know all the pitfalls along the way of the college entrance “game.”  Be prepared to WIN!

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